Height (without shoes)
Video 0 Getting Started
Video 1 Neck CIR*
Video 2 Shoulder Width
End of shoulder bones
Video 3 Upper Chest CIR*
Video 4 Chest CIR*
Video 5 Lower Chest CIR*
Video 6 BP Distance
Video 7 Highest Point of Shoulder to BP
Video 8 Waist CIR*
Video 9 Mid Waist CIR*
Fullest part of abdomen
Video 10 Hip CIR*
Video 11 Armhole CIR*
Measure with hands on waist
Video 12 Upper Arm CIR*
Video 13 Elbow CIR*
Video 14 Around Quarter
Video 15 Wrist CIR*
Video 16 Upper Arm Length
Video 17 Sleeve length:
full, quarter, shoulder to elbow
Video 18 Front Upper Chest Width
Video 19 Upper Back Width
Video 20 Front Bodice Length
Measurement Chart

Video 21 Back length
Video 22 Waist to Upper Thigh
Video 23 Thigh Cir *each*
Video 24 Thigh Cir *both*
Video 25a Waist to Knee Point
(L)(mid knee)
Video 25b Waist to below Knee
Video 26 Knee Cir
(take a natural step-room for walking)
Video 27 Front Skirt Length
(waist to floor with shoes)
Video 28 Back Skirt Length
(waist to floor or end of train with shoes)
Video 29 Jacket / Peplum Length
(not pictured)
Jacket length is usually standard at 23 unless specified differently

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Important note: Please submit pure measurements - Do Not tuck fingers under the tape for loose measurements. Nor should the tape be tight and cut into the skin. Measure close to the skin while standing with normal posture and breath comfortably.

Measuring Tip: Define waist point at the start of measuring for easy reference - Tie a thin ribbon around the smallest part of waist.